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We are specialists in recruiting for qualitative research projects, whether digital or traditional.

Our curiosity and love for meeting others is what inspires us to select the right people for your research. We understand the imporance of valuable recruitment on the project’s final result, and this is why we carefully pinch the right profiles for your qualitative methodologies.

Located in São Paulo, Pinch’s local team is trained in selecting the most diverse consumer profiles in central Brazilian cities and some capitals in Latin America.

Our team uses an organic method to target the audience and reach different people through a diverse network. This includes specific groups such as early adopters, experts or influencers, and those considered mainsteam. In addition to identifying consumption behaviors, we map the attitudinal and cultural behaviours - ensuring quality and depth to the sample of your research.



Pinch has extensive experitise in selecting face-to-face methodologies such as: focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographies, and their variations. Our repertoire includes co-creation groups and usability tests - a methodology widely used in UX research.

Pinch also provides a special service for online methodologies called digital follow-up. Digital methodologies are in high demand and this approach can be used as a very relevant and economical insightful tool. Pinch’s digital follow-up service is offered to guarantee the engagement of the participants during the activities, and to ensure the delivery schedule is on time with the online diaries.

Pinch has a team focused on monitoring all respondents individually. For online interviews, we also provide connectivity tests and help the respondents to install applications. Whether through a specific client platform or through social networks, this service adds efficiency and quality to the process.

Our pillars



We work with many curious and experienced recruiters in the main cities of Brazil.



Our passion is in reaching out and exploring different worlds. From trendsetters to the mainstram, we love travelling through and engaging with diverse crowds - discovering new insights and ideas on the way.

Além do mais

go beyond

Apart from recruitment, fieldwork, qualitative delivery and follow up, we enjoy working together with our client to create effective solutions.

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After Pinch’s two-year anniversary, our team revisited certain profiles that have inspired our work, our client’s projects, and our own lives.

Our history as a company is built on these inspirations to then inspire you to build yours.


Pinch worked with the EmbraerX innovation team to gather insights for the revolutionaty eVTOL project. The concept involves a new electric flying vehicle, developed in partnership with Uber Elevate as part of their air mobility initiative.

For several days over 18 months, we arranged focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographies and co-creation groups. The public selected for the methodologies had helicopter users, a neighboring helipad community, commuters, people with disabilities related to mobility, pilots and flight controllers.

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Our focus is on who we are and who we want to be. It goes beyond simply where we are to where we want to go.  It is about our work and our lives. As if it was possible to separate one from the other. This is about Pinch. We like to work with and to understand people. Our inspiration comes from their relationships with one another, and their relationships with themselves. We measure our lives in experiences, and therefore we strive for these moments to be unique for both us and for our clients. We don’t have all the answers, but we believe that the secret lies in asking the right questions. We enjoy exploring the world. We actually enjoy exploring many different worlds. We are plural and we never limit ourselves in making new discoveries. Our team is experienced. Nonetheless, we keep learning. Every new contact we make is a new possibility. And from such possibilities we craft our network. We are passionate about what we do, and this passion makes us want more, to strive for better, and to go beyond. We separate the wheat from the chaff. Give us lemons, and we’ll make lemonade. We embrace each and every challenge, and we pinch the best of a situation to make your work easier. We always add our unique, special touch and stand out from the rest. This is what defines us, and this is our cause. And that’s where our name comes from: Pinch.

Who we

Danielle Miranda

Danielle Miranda

Dani is a specialist in Marketing Research from the University of Toronto with over 9 years experience in Research Recruitment, Visual Anthropology, and Coolhunting. Originally from São Paulo, Dani now lives in Toronto – one of the most culturally diverse cities in the World. Leading the Pinch team together with Helen, she adds valuable intuitions and insights that take work projects to the next level.

Helen Schmidt

Helen Schmidt

Beneath the fringes of Helen’s red hair are curious eyes. With over 12 years of professional experience in communication and research, she brings value and results to every project Pinch tackles. Hailing from Southern Brazil, Helen is a Public Relations graduate as well as a specialist in Strategic Marketing, Sociopsychology, and Coolhunting. Together with Dani, Helen leads the Pinch team with her special touch to the company’s delivery and strategy.

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Here are some brands that have counted on our selection of inspiring profiles:


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